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Make a List of 100 Dreams (more on Rule #2: Plan on Fridays) – Laura Vanderkam

T his week in the Tranquility by Tuesday Challenge, we’re focusing on Rule #2: Plan on Fridays. Anyone with a complex life needs a designated weekly planning time, and needs to look at all of life over the next 168 hours: career, relationships, self.

When many people thinking of “planning,” they think of what they have to do. And that is part of it. But an upside of planning a whole week, and thinking about your personal life as well, is that you can also plan in what you *want* to do.

Which sounds great! And some folks run with that instruction. But a surprising number of people have followed up with this statement: “I don’t really know what I want to do.” 

Enter the List of 100 Dreams. This was an exercise shared with me by career coach Caroline Ceniza-Levine a great many years ago (I wrote about it in 168 Hours). The idea is to create a completely unedited list of anything you might want to do or have or generally spend more time on in life. The first third goes quickly as people list all the countries they want to visit and their general bucket list dreams. But then the pace slows, and you start really having to think. By the time you are anywhere near 100, you are listing some very doable goals.

You (probably) won’t go to New Zealand next week. But you could start a new 1000-piece puzzle. You won’t sing in the Bach B-Minor Mass in Carnegie Hall.* But you could make a play-list of truly ecstatic classical music to listen to in the school pick-up line.

So if you haven’t made a List of 100 Dreams, I highly encourage you to do so! And if you have, why not revisit it during your Friday planning? See if there’s anything you could aim to do over the next few weeks. Maybe not, but maybe there is, and as you start to put cool stuff into your schedule, life becomes a lot more fun. Let me know if you’ve pulled anything off your list lately!

*Unless you are, in which case let me know and I will come see you!

Photo: Seeing the cherry blossoms in spring in Washington D.C. is a great List of 100 Dreams item.

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