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Grey Blue Spinel and Sapphire Ear studs Heritage Gems Fine Jewellery

This pair of grey blue Spinel Sapphire ear studs is just what any woman needs to transition her outfit from day to night. So perfectly neutral, yet not bland.

The beauty of grey spinels lies it its ability to appear youthful, mysterious and elegant all at the same time.

We created a pair of grey blue Spinel Sapphire ear studs that were fancy without the fussy dangle of drop earrings. This pair of grey spinels have a very slight hint of blue, depending on the angle of reflection. Yet, upon another glance, the Spinels now appear to have a hint of lilac? We colour-matched the Spinels with Sapphires in 3 different shades of blue. Look closely and your eye will see the palest blue round Sapphire, a medium-hued tiniest round blue Sapphire, with the large Marquise shape stones in a near-cornflower shade of blue.

The result is a pair of ear studs that look like a bouquet of grey blue flowers floating on her ears. Not only unique, but elegant and pretty. No traditional halo of diamonds as seen on nearly every imaginable pair of diamond ear studs.

Whichever way one prefers to appreciate the beauty of the Grey Spinel, it is obvious that the grey tones have an elegant yet captivating, quiet quality about it. No other shades of Spinel will invoke similar emotions as the grey-hued Spinel.

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