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Information of Her Custom Diamond Engagement Ring You’ve bee…

Information of Her Custom Diamond Engagement Ring
You’ve been asking for all the information concerning my future husband’s custom-made ruby involvement ring so right here ya go! All the information of the ring & a say thanks to u for enjoying our involvement!
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00:00 – 01:00 Intro
01:01 – 03:00 How she pick a layout
03:01 – 04:00 Angelique’s Hack
04:01 – 06:00 Production Process
06:01 – 10:40 The Ring Design
10:41 – 19:00 Ring & Diamond Stats
19:01 – 26:00 My Experience
26:01 – 27:20 Angeliques Closing

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You’ve been asking for all the information concerning my future husband’s customized ruby interaction ring so below ya go! All the information of the ring & a give thanks to u for viewing our interaction!

15 Replies to “Information of Her Custom Diamond Engagement Ring You’ve bee…”

  1. Well friends, welcome to the last and final engagement video! Hahahha what a wild ride it has been getting engaged this year and sharing the whole process here on youtube with you! 1. I cant believe she said yes & 2. I just want to thank you for being a part of our lives! If you want more of this type of content make sure to go subscribe to Angelique’s channel! Starting next week we are back to photography and my goal for this year is to get you where you can make a living with your camera so make sure to check in each week & thank you in advance for all the love and support you bring to our lives 🙂 Bless you!

  2. I’ve known about all aspects of diamonds, including fancies for years. Now, my husband was kind of clueless. I did get a nice engagement ring. It’s D color, .92 points ( just under a carat) sI1, good cut. It IS GIA certified. I have the certificate. It has a number lazared into the girdle which is on the certificate and I can see it on line when I type it into GIA’s site. It IS a beautiful ring. It has accent diamonds. I’ve had it almost 20 yrs. I get compliments all the time too. This guy talking…..he REALLY wanted to make his bride to be happy and I see he did. This is VERY rare today. He did great with James Allen. I looked at James Allen fancy diamonds. He has a collection that will cover everyone’s taste and price. It was lovely to see a man actually feel sentimental about proposing. Lovely story. God bless you and your wife. Thank you for your video! XXOO

  3. my hubby didn’t ask what kind of ring i like and he surprised me with the most perfect ring lol i think finding the right guy first is probably the key to getting your perfect ring 😛 you both are so perfect for each other and so in love!! congratulations <3

  4. If you’re buying a well cut round cut diamond like H&A, you can go down to SI1 clarity and get down to color I as well to save costs. They did a decent job of explaining things, but PLEASE speak to an expert when selecting your diamond.

  5. Size doesn’t matter it’s true but on diamonds it matters if you have the means please go 2.40 and above it looks gorgeous on her and as a man it will make you feel happy and proud when people ask about it.

  6. Great video!! Enjoyed it a lot and seeing her reactions was great. I’m very impressed!

    Now to all those watching.. This ring is beautiful, but also humongous in terms of the range of sizes of a typical engagement ring.

    I’d just like to assure anyone who may read this that buying a 1c Diamond is totally acceptable! A 0.5c Diamond can be absolutely beautiful and meaningful and lovely.

    This ring is maxed out in terms of specs, which is great if you can afford that without financing it. Do not finance a ring.. but that may just be my opinion.

    I personally bought a 0.85 true hearts/ hearts and arrows d color vvs2 Diamond engagement ring from James Allen and it sparkles amazingly in the light. Cut is truly one of the most important things to consider when buying a Diamond.

    A 0.8 looks visually like a 1c, and does not look small in my opinion. My fiancée wears a size 8 ring.

    A little background. She is a nurse and a super huge ring would be impractical for daily wear. I’m a teacher, so I’m not rich. We are also very much committed to traveling as much as possible with our schedules and we didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a ring. We’d rather see the world. We agreed on a budget and I stayed (just a couple hundred dollars over 😉 on budget. The engagement was just a few days ago and it was magical. She hasn’t taken the ring off and we can’t stop staring and smiling at it.

    Buy something beautiful, make the proposal memorable, James Allen was great, chat with them, be honest with your budget and DO NOT finance a ring. Pay in full, only buy what you can afford. 🙂 ❤❤ also… lab diamonds are waaay cheaper, they are still real diamonds, and , as far as I know, they are conflict free and maybe less harmful to the environment (though I think there’s debate on that).

    Anyway, beautiful ring you two! I love how much thought you both put into it! ❤

  7. I can see the inclusions!
    Never, never “sacrifice” clarity!
    Hearts appearing when the diamond is upside down.
    The lie about the zip tie…
    Ok barbie we believe you, this is why your ring is 3,4 carats
    Stop the advices about rings, you did the exact opposite!
    I’m guessing that the diamond is not from the laboratory!
    So your wife chose her dream diamond ring, above the pain and suffering of African people….

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